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Health is a gift that you give yourself. What future do you prefer?

Reformation Productions Agency - Tuesday, June 17, 2014

One of my mentors, Dr Michael Schuster, assembled this list of quotes. All are in context, and all speak to the same issue: Our health care system is fundamentally broken.


  Today's medicine and dentistry don't provide or promote "health". They aren't sustainable either. No matter if the government or an insurance company helps you manage your doctor bills, availability and quality of care influence less than 20% of your health outcomes. Take a look at the facts and ask us how we offer an alternative.


Dr Sandlin




“The time has come to abandon disease as the focus of medical care…Medical care that is centered on the diagnosis and treatment of disease is at best out of date and worst, harmful.”


“The End of the Disease Era.”

The American Journal of Medicine. Feb. 1, 2004


“Treating an illness before it happens, or at least before it progresses, is not how American medicine works. It is not the way insurance works. It is not how Medicare works.”


Daniel Bergman, M.D. President American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists


“The hope that we have in geriatrics is that the length and quality of life could be expanded by DECREASING the period of disability at the end of life. Unfortunately, population studies show that we have increased the length of life, but have made no progress in decreasing the length of disability at the end of life.

We have actually prolonged the period of dying.”


Richard DeShazo, M.D.

Chairman and Professor, Dept. of Medicine

University of Mississippi Medical Center


“Over the next decade, America’s unhealthy lifestyle is expected to cause more premature deaths than smoking.”  “Diet, inactivity, and obesity---that constellation—will be the leading cause of death if things don’t change.”


James S. Marks, M.D., M.P.H.

A CDC Epidmiologist, JAMA March 10, 2004. Vol 293: pp 1238-1245

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